Six on Saturday – 10-27-18

Leaves. Leaves. Leaves. This Six on Saturday doesn’t require much commentary. I’m back at home in Oklahoma but constantly looking at my phone and scrolling through the photos of fall leaves that we took last weekend while visiting Seattle.  The six photos featured here were all taken on the Sammamish plateau. Take time to notice the vibrancy as well as the subtle details. These photos are unedited.

Sammamish Leaves 1

1. Leaves. We arrived late Wednesday night. I woke the next morning, lifted the blinds, and was greeted by this lovely tree poised in my friend’s backyard.

Sammamish Leaves 2

2. Leaves. Many of the leaves are variations of red, but every so often there is a peachy color that breaks through.

Sammamish Leaves 3

3. Leaves. Littering the ground or still on the tree, the leaves are gorgeous.

Sammamish Leaves 4

4. Leaves. Isn’t this interesting?

Sammamish Leaves 5

5. Leaves. I love this tree! One tree shows all the colors of fall transition – burgundy, red, orange, yellow, green … and all the shades in between.

Sammamish Leaves 6

6. Leaves. That tree from photo 5 is on the left side of this photo. And then the reds on parade to the right. Spectacular! People get to drive and walk down this street every day!

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do. To see what other gardeners are featuring this week, check out the post and comment section in this link: Six on Saturday. Until next time …

8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 10-27-18

  1. How truly wonderful these colours are. Number three I find especially entrancing. It’s strange how a tree can have a colour on one side and a different colour on the other…to do with the direction of the sun, I expect, but it does create an interesting perspective.


  2. All beautiful, but I laughed out loud at the Dead End sign pointing to #4 – not nearly dead at all, but if that’s a dead end, let’s all go there! Great photos.


  3. It is spectacular, but the best color that I can remember was the simple brown of the blackjack oaks on South Harrah Road south of Highway 40. I get to work with all sorts of exotic specie, but had never seen so many of the same native specie in color like that. It was a bit later than now, so the trees were going bare by the time we left.


  4. What stunning pictures. Autumn colour has been seriously lacking here this year. All too stressed after the hot dry summer I think. My Birch and Amelanchier dropped without really colouring at all. Next year!


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