Happy Birthday, Grayson!

Thursday’s Child has Far to Go …
~ Old English nursery rhyme

Today we celebrate the birthday of my oldest child, Grayson. In 1995, June 29th was a Thursday, hence the quote above. And just for the sake of interest, the traditional meaning is associated with Thursday children having a long, successful life without limitations. Going far in life is typically viewed as a positive attribute with children having a lot of potential and talent. I will say that definitely applies to Grayson!

So anyway … As customary in this day and age, I searched through some old photographs to find one or two to post on Facebook to commemorate the happy occasion. And boy, oh boy, my search was rewarded!

Brad and I moved to Chicago as newlyweds in 1993. In the summer of 1994, we were still living in an apartment, and I distinctly remember growing a small garden in a community pea patch. By the summer of 1995, we had moved into our first home and welcomed Grayson into our world. The following summer (1996), we must have planted a small garden in our backyard. I barely remember this! But after some thought, I can remember the trials and tribulations we had getting that small patch of land converted to a garden. And by the looks of these photos, it was a healthy little garden. Look at that towhead boy!

Grayson gardening at 1 yo

More of Grayson gardening at 1 yo

Grayson snags a cucmber

By the summer of 1997, we had moved to Seattle. And although I searched and searched, I could not find the photographs that correspond to the memories I have of the garden in the backyard of our first Seattle home. One day I will find them!

We loved that house and that neighborhood. However, with the birth of two more children and the growing of babies into adolescents, we were feeling cramped.   In the summer of 2005, we moved about two miles away to an older home that sat on 1.5 gorgeous acres. The following summer, I had the garden of my (then) dreams.  The kids were at the perfect age to be involved in every aspect.



DSC00092 - 2

I love that I have these photos. That one summer was amazing in so many ways. That garden was a big part of our lives, and truly served as the overriding inspiration for Patch405.

I present all of this today as a love letter to Grayson, and send him the warmest of wishes as he celebrates his 23rd birthday. Hugs and kisses to you, sweet boy!

Grayson - 23

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