Six on Saturday – 7-7-18

Six things. In a garden. On a Saturday.


1 – Sunflowers. This beauty looks odd in my hanging basket, but I still love it. This type of flower is just one of the many in a mixed wildflower packet designed to attract pollinators. The sunflowers stand feet taller than the rest of the flowers, but still look great. Sunflowers are on my list of add-on’s for next year. I plan to find a nice sunny place in the yard and plant hundreds!

Bean rows

2 – Bean rows. Everyone in Oklahoma is posting great harvest pictures. I had to start over on many of my crops, so my veggies are still growing. All of these beans are doing well. From left to right, I have soybeans (bush), cranberry beans (bush), Mascotte beans (bush), and Kentucky Blue beans (pole).

black-eyed peas

3 – Black-eyed peas. I mentioned in my very first Six on Saturday post that these seeds were given to me by a neighbor who said the vegetable grew well in Oklahoma. I would agree!


4 – Okra. The same neighbor suggested that I grow okra because it also does well in Oklahoma. I’m sure that my father grew okra because I know my parents love it. However, I have no memory of this plant. It grows on somewhat of a stalk, and it has beautiful leaves. I’m not much of an okra eater, so I only set six plants. I am enjoying their presence in my garden.

more mature pumpkin

5 – Pumpkin. These seeds were planted on May 6th. This plant didn’t look too damaged by my defective insecticide¬†ordeal so I left it in place. Plus, this variety is the small, decorative type, which I knew we would not be eating.

newer pumpkin

6 – Pumpkin. These seeds were planted on June 3rd – after my Memorial Day weekend insecticide fiasco. It is the same variety of pumpkin plant as the one featured in picture #5. I wanted to show it for the sake of comparison.

To see what other gardeners are featuring this week, check out the post and comment section in this link: Six on Saturday. Until next time …

5 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 7-7-18

  1. I would say that your seasons are a bit behind ours, but you have okra and we do not. (only because it was never planted of course.) Okra is unpopular here, but I used to grow it because it is not available in stores. I can get black eyed peas in the store, but I think mine taste better. The garden was rather skimpy this year.


  2. Your rows of beans look full of vigour and sure to produce a bountiful crop. I do hope you post some photos of the not-for-eating pumpkins when they ripen.


  3. It’s been a bad year for sunflowers in my garden, but the beans & pumpkins are doing well. Your blackeyed pea plants are really gorgeous! Lovely, healthy garden. Can’t wait to see what produce you get.


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