Six on Saturday – 7-28-18

Word of the Week: Potential. After a week at the lake, I came back to my garden with fresh eyes. Sure, everything in Oklahoma is taking a beating with our extreme heat and lack of rain. And yes, my garden is behind the curve because of previous mishaps. Still, I spent a couple of hours out there this morning – watering, weeding, clearing out things I should have let go of weeks ago, appreciating the ladybugs and the bees, contemplating my next steps, and – finally – recognizing the potential.  And so with a focus on potential, I present my post. Six things. In a garden. On a Saturday.


1 – Pumpkins. This is the Lil’ Pump-Ke-Mon variety. I would say it is producing exactly as advertised!

black-eyed peas

2 – Black-eyed Peas. So happy my neighbor talked me into growing this Southern staple! The vines have weathered the heat well, and I think soon it will be time to harvest.

cherry tomatoes

3 – Cherry Tomatoes. One of my biggest anticipations! This plant is full of little green tomatoes. I have to show you these now because once they ripen, I will pluck them and immediately pop them into my mouth. They won’t even make it into the kitchen!


4 – Edamame. I saw tons of soybean fields on my drive to the lake, so it gave me hope that my plants would also produce. I’m eager to see these pods grow more plump.


5 – Okra. Slow and steady wins the race. The plants are tall. The leaves are green and luscious. And now the vegetables are taking shape. So fun to see the progress!


6 – Watermelon. This little melon is currently the size of a golf ball.

To see what other gardeners are featuring this week, check out the post and comment section in this link: Six on Saturday. Until next time …

6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 7-28-18

  1. You’re so right about potential! And you’re growing some really interesting things that I’d never think to try…edamame, and black eyed peas. My tomatoes wouldn’t make it to the kitchen either!

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  2. Black eyed peas and okra! I sort of think that black eyed peas are a traditional vegetable of California only because they were a traditional vegetable of the many Okies who migrated here. I have not grown them in years. (They are one of the few garden products that can be purchased rather cheaply and in good quality.) Okra does not like the cool nights here. At least that is what I am told. I used to grow it anyway. Although they were not as productive as they are in warmer climates, they were more productive than I needed them to be. Not many people here like okra, so I got them all to myself!

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  3. I’m the only mater eater in my house, so like yourself eat in the garden. Eventually, I’ll have to share w/the neighbours, but not quite yet. Is the watermelon on schedule? I’ve not grown one, so don’t know how long they take & when they’re ripe. Hope it’s a good’un! Very southern combo of crops & out there in Oklahoma! Guess good things are popular everywhere.

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