Six on Saturday – 8-4-18

For the last several weeks, I’ve spent Saturday morning touring other people’s gardens. I’m not one who can conjure up her own ideas. I typically need to see something, and then adapt it to suit my personal style. I like to see what vegetables and flowers other Oklahomans are growing. I am intrigued by the different approaches to layout, weed maintenance, and watering. I can appreciate the purely functional growing space as well as the gardens that are designed for personal enjoyment in addition to food production.

Today, my sister-in-law invited Delaney and me out for a spa day (my niece and her daughter also joined us). If you think that I had to forgo my garden tour, you are mistaken. We spent our morning at the lovely Renaissance Salon & Spa in OKC. Most spas create inviting interiors – soothing music, calming scents, soft fabrics, friendly staff. Renaissance goes a step further by cultivating beautiful grounds. This converted house has several features I would like to bring to Patch 405. And with that introduction, I present my Six on Saturday. Six things. In a garden. On a Saturday.


1. Fountain. Running water is such as soothing addition to any outdoor space. I know I will eventually have a water feature. I’ve pinned numerous how-to’s on Pinterest. Up until now, I thought I would be building a fountain of some sort. I had not considered having a ready-made vessel. This one picture here is not necessarily my personal style, but it would be a fairly easy and quick way to get running water into Patch405. Definitely worth some thought.

koi pond

2. Koi pond. I’m not sure this is in my immediate future, but I love the sense of serenity it adds to the setting. And this one shows me that you don’t need to have a huge pond to create an inviting space.


3. Table. I definitely need a table and chairs. I want an area to sit and enjoy my gardening efforts. Our back deck is merely 25-30 feet away. Still, it is too removed from the garden to enable me to sit and fully admire and appreciate my efforts. A little patio with a table and chairs is without a doubt on my list for Spring 2019.

walking path

4. Walking Path. I know I cannot do everything all at once. And I don’t even have that desire. Walking paths are on my to-do list. Every once in a while I will look at various bricks, stones, and rocks in order to gather ideas. I still haven’t decided on which approach. And in the end, I may use several different path mediums. However, I had not previously considered the tactic pictured here. Colored glass, pebbles, and shells have been added to soften the look of a standard concrete path. I like it.

painted terra cotta pots

5. Accents to highlight specific plants. I love that they have painted these terra cotta pots to bring out the color of the purple-heart or wandering jew plant. Such a simple approach to achieve such a dramatic statement.

garden ornaments

6. Garden ornaments. Anything that brings a whimsical element to the garden will always capture my attention. This garden had a variety of garden ornaments that I liked, from these metal flowers, to bird feeders, wind chimes, rain catchers, and stone statues. I think they add a personal touch that seems to make the garden even more inviting.


A chance to be pampered and spend time with family plus still experience a garden = the makings of a perfect Saturday! And, of course, we finished off with a fabulous lunch – which is where this picture of all the pampered girls was taken. Thanks to Cathy (and Steve!) for making it all possible. Your generosity never ceases to amaze us!

To see what other gardeners are featuring this week, check out the post and comment section in this link: Six on Saturday. Until next time …

3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 8-4-18

  1. There are lots of lovely ideas in your post. The jewel studded path is something I’d like in my garden.


  2. hmmmmm . . . those landscapes look a wee bit too Californian.
    I prefer the simplicity and somewhat more utilitarian nature of common landscapes in Oklahoma. I am no designer (and that is probably why), but Oklahoma landscapes seemed to me to be less contrived as well as more practical.


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