Happy New Year!

I wasn’t really sure if my garden project plans for 2019 would count towards my New Year’s resolutions, but then I used the phrase “I resolve to …” and everything seems to fit. So, here goes:

In 2019, I resolve to:

1 – Learn about bees. I purchased a bee hive house last summer. My intention was to ensure that I had an ample supply of pollinators. The honey would be an added bonus. I asked for – and received – some bee houses for Christmas. I’ve quickly learned that the bees that will nest in these houses are extremely proficient at pollinating. However, they do not produce honey. So much to learn. First stop: I’m signed up for a class later this month at Queen Bri’s Honey Farm.

sink in potting table

2 – Build a covered potting table. I need table or bench or something similar to be closer to my garden so that I can stage plants, store tools, and organize everything. I was inspired by a photo in one of my previous blog posts.  Of course, I’ve also seen tables that I like when visiting other gardens, including this one with a sink (at SixTwelve community garden – Paseo Farmers Market).

3 – Plant more flowers in the grand scheme of things. Ever since I read Vegetables Love Flowers, I’ve been determined to be more deliberate about including flowers in my garden. There are so many options. I need to narrow down the list and get a plan in place.


4 – Plant strawberries. Last year was my long-term planning item was blueberries. This year, it’s strawberries. My inspiration comes from a strawberry patch I found at SixTwelve community garden while shopping at the Paseo Farmers Market. I’m sure I will need to visit it again before I start my own.

herb garden

5 – Plant an herb garden. Last year I grew herbs in pots that I hung along the fence and staged in corners here and there. I quickly discovered that many of my containers were too small and as a result, the soil dried out too quickly. Plus, I tried to grow a couple of things in the same pot – and in hindsight, I’m not sure that was a good idea. My inspiration for an herb garden comes from a photo I found on Pinterest. It’s of Darby Stanchfield’s garden featured in Better Homes and Gardens. I love the dynamics created by the different sizes and colors of the pots, which is further enhanced by the different textures of the herbs themselves.

6 – Finish my winter projects. I devoted an entire blog post to these projects: decorations, small pots, large pots, hanging baskets, and a table and chairs. Certainly, lots to do!

7 – Take more photos. I’ve been following various gardening blogs. First, there’s just the general appreciation I have for other people’s efforts. Second, I love to borrow their ideas. The Propagator is a gardener in England that I truly enjoy. His blog recently featured photos from his monthly series designed to help him review the borders in his gardens. I think it is a wonderful idea, and one that I hope to incorporate into my schedule for 2019.

8 – Write more blog posts. I love writing. It isn’t a chore. Even more so, I find that I enjoy reading my old posts and I’m glad I’ve taken the time to write them. Still, for some reason I don’t ever seem to have enough time. I need to make time; schedule time.

Eight items. It seems like an appropriate list of gardening resolutions for the New Year – not too short but not too daunting. It’s going to be a great year for gardening!

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Flowers definitely enhance a veg garden, and if they are edible it’s a big bonus to be able to toss them into salads, garnish drinks, canapes or desserts, etc. My top favorites are anise hyssop, calendula, snapdragons, daylily, pansies, violas and nasturtiums. All good for pollinators as well and easy to grow as companions to vegetables.


  2. That is quite a list. 3, 4 and 5 are about making more work instead of simplifying what is already there. I think that if I put thought to plans (which I don’t), and if still tended to a functional garden, I would be trying to cut back. That was how it always was. I was always growing more than I should.
    Strawberries are one of the main crops in Watsonville, just a few miles away, but I no longer grow them. They grow quite well in some gardens, but they did not cooperate for me. That is one that I just could not get the best of. They are not my favorite berry anyway.


  3. Thanks for the “like” on my post. I live in an apartment so have only indoor plants. I would love to have an outdoor garden, but even if it were possible, my old hip won’t let me easily get down on the ground. It’s even harder trying to get up again. 🙂 So I enjoy public gardens and the gardens other people have around their homes. I take lots of photos. I don’t know which type of strawberries you are thinking of planting, but have you thought about the ever-bearing kind?


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