Six on Saturday – 1-12-2019

First: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Robin, my sister-in-law. Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

I must admit that I was not going to compose a Six on Saturday post for today. We’ve had some lovely days in Oklahoma this past week; warm, sunny days. And I’ve been reading blogs and social media from near and far, and so many gardeners are getting antsy; making plans for spring. I was anxious to get outside today and do something, anything. However, today is pretty miserable outside. It’s a bitter 34 degrees, and that cutting Oklahoma wind makes it even colder. It’s definitely not a gardening day.

I was set to be inside, and forego the blog post. As I was reading through the other Six on Saturday posts, I found myself completely inspired by The Cady Luck Leedy. As I was commenting on her post, I realized that I had the makings of my own Six on Saturday. So, minus the garden, here are my six things. On a Saturday.


1. Current Situation. I did go outside to assess the possibility of working out there today. You can’t see the temperature or the wind, but hopefully you can imagine the stark reality of today’s situation.

Inside, I found myself in pretty much the perfect situation


2. Recliner, blanket, and a book on herbs (New Year’s resolution #5). It’s a quiet day around our house. Brad and his brother went to brunch with their cousins. Delaney is attending a variety of school functions. Cooper is still home from college – but in and out of the house. It’s pretty cozy in here.


3. Fireplace. I think wood fireplaces are such a luxury. Some people hate the mess. But I love that you have to work for it. I love deciding when to add which log, almost like a puzzle. I love the crackling. I love watching the flames peek through the logs, and eventually take them over.

yellow labs

4. Buttercup and Luna. Even our two yellow labs are enjoying a relaxing day by the fire! These two girls drive me crazy at times, but seeing them sleep beside me warrants a smile.


5. Cup of coffee. I’m not a huge hot beverage fan. I’m a Southern girl, and sweet tea is much more my beverage of choice. But on a day like today, an iced beverage just doesn’t sound inviting. On my recent trip to Texas A&M to see my Clemson tigers play, Bobbie Lutz (my host and dear old friend from Seattle) introduced me to this coffee from Last Shot Expresso. This is the Goal Blend – featuring vanilla, nuts, and cinnamon tones. It’s terrific hot or cold, but today I’m serving it hot.


6. Candles. Another item on my list of luxuries. Just lighting a candle is a subliminal message to my body that says ‘relax.’ I love the soft glow. I love the scent. I love watching the wax melt. For me, it’s a simple treat that enhances any relaxing moment.

I am happy to share my Saturday with you, even if it didn’t really involve gardening. I did make progress on my spring gardening plans while having my cozy day inside! To discover what other gardeners are featuring this week, check out the post and comment section in this link: Six on Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 1-12-2019

  1. Excellent! There is always something to provide six pictures. When I was sick and not wanting to leave the cabin I was staying in at work, I got six pictures of the forest around it, and the funny pictures of the forest on the walls inside, and finished it with a picture or Rhody sleeping on a warm bed where he was not supposed to be. Your pictures are more interesting of course; especially because the first one includes fallen blackjack oak leaves. I so remember that species. It was so foreign to me when I arrived there.

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  2. Wow, what lovely compliments! I am feeling so under the weather right now, but your post definitely perked me up! I think it is the change in weather that has done me in; high seventies one day and thirty the next. And, I had to plant something!!!!!!! That might have been a costly mistake! I love the SOS group, because I learn so much and love reading all of their posts. It looks like you have a large vegetable patch! You will have to keep us posted and I look forward to learning more about you and your gardening interests! See you next week!

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